We are Fundraising!

WHY - the clubs very existence is seriously threatened by the loss of our pitch at Oakbank School.



GOOD NEWS - Holy Family School in Keighley have designs and desire to build a pitch.


THE CHALLENGE - to raise significant funds to support the HFS Golden Jubilee legacy project (Their pitch and a club house)


This is not just an AIREDALE Hockey Project -

Holy Family School is the only school in the town with no Artificial Pitch for sport.

They are 50 years old and want to mark the event. 

They are backed by the Catholic Church.

They are extremely Sport Friendly.



Typically a pitch will cost £500,000 to build.  




Others have done and here's how:

Clubs raise £100-150k - Sport England Grants £250k - England Hockey Grant £100K.

There are other funding sources available and we may even need more (particularly for a club house)

The Grants come after the club fund raising (the egg definitely comes before this chicken!)

Don't forget that HFS is also raising funds.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



Who is going to raise the money?


WE ALL ARE - Bun stalls, Car Boot Sales, Curry Night etc - every individual and team should are involved.

The Club will approach our sponsors and potential new sponsors 


What if we raise money but fail to get a pitch?


We won't fail!! - in the first instance the money will be ploughed into developing sports facilities and promoting Hockey in our area.


We have applied for Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) Status which is a pseudo Charity Status set up by the HMRC and requires that we have a constitution stating what will happen to unused  funds and resources.  We cannot give them to members they must be given to other CASC or charitable bodies for the use of developing the sport of Hockey.


How are we sure that this money will be safe?


An account will be set up to collate funds that will require 3 signatories to spend money from it (Tobias Neale; Chairman, Claire Spiller; Treasurer and Gordon Marsh; Secretary) no individual will be able to spend funds.  These are the three legally responsible sponsors of the CASC status registration who the HMRC will hold responsible.

Surely there are better causes?

There are, but this is our cause.  I am sure that we all support the very worthy health and care related causes and they do a lot for the community.  We and Holy Family School also do.  We provide access to healthy activity and social integration.  We are almost unique in that we have 5-80 year old member, male and female members from beginner to international standard.  We cover the whole ethnic mix of Keighley's population, the loss of Hockey to the area would be detrimental.